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What is Indoor Vertical Farming ?

Indoor farming is the practice of producing food on vertically inclined surfaces. This efficient, safe and pioneering cultivation method applies agriculture where it is consumed while producing fresh, healthy and tasty produce without the seasonal, geographical and climatic restrictions.

The advantages of Indoor Vertical Farming



Controlled and sterile  environment to prevent contamination issues at the source – no pesticides needed and the produce is ready to eat


Saving on utilities and labor with  closed-loop design and automated tasks, minimizing the cost per plant


The rigorous quality control of the whole process allows collection of all  cultivation parameters (Crucial for medicinal plants) and enables giving each crop a “traceability certificate”


Implementation of stable growth recipes & operational “know-how” permits consistency and reproducible premium produce across multiple facilities



Modular systems designed to grow with the business needs and market demand



Grow a wide variety of crops with one single technology. Quickly and easily switch between crops. Systems are designed for use anywhere on the planet and anywhere in the value chain.



Growing premium produce locally reduces the environmental  agricultural impact and increase the quality, freshness and taste



Very efficient cultivation systems leading to very reasonable production costs.

Greater yields and less waste, drive higher profitability without large initial CAPEX



A complete proprietary and sustainable ecosystem that is simple to operate, supported by AI, remote monitoring and controls, known and proven protocols & procedures and continuous R&D and optimization

Year-round Availability


365 days per year of continuous cultivation without seasonal, geographic or climatic restrictions.

Farmers 2.0


Indoor vertical farmers enjoy a safe and comfortable work environment while eliminating the occupational hazards associated with traditional farming.



Thanks to the latest developments in vision diagnostics & robotics, simple tasks like seedling, harvesting and post harvesting activities can be automated efficiently.

Tower Farm combined urban and vertical farming to open the door to the future of edible and medicinal plant growing

Our patented technology is an indoor growing platform supporting the cultivation of the

world’s largest selection of crops.


The “Growin” unit is made of a set of four vertical rotating towers with 1200 to 1800 growing holes. This exclusive fully automatic and digital management system controls and optimizes the cultivation process of both plants and roots. Our pioneering proven and patented Growin cultivation unit is a unique combination of data-driven automation.



  • Local produce, served from farm-to-table within hours

  • Pesticides free. No need to wash plants before eating

  • 30% shorter growing cycle compared with open field agriculture offer higher yields

  • Controlled quality, improved freshness and longer shelf-life 

  • Year-round production

  • Lower risk - seasonality and climate independence

Day-Night Light

  • Each tower completes a rotation in 24 hours, mimicking a day's natural cycle while Day and Night are existing at the same time.

  • LED lamps recreate the sun's light spectrum at each phase of the day

  • Dark areas provide the plants with needed rest time


  • The plants grow outside the tower; the roots - inside

  • Micro-vaporization of water & nutrients sprayed directly onto the roots with plenty of oxygen exposure

  • Water and nutrients are recovered in a closed circuit to save on resources and reduce environmental footprint

Take a tour in the most advanced    commercial indoor farm in France ...
Our development model

Tower Farm's business is divided into two production divisions:

  • The division of edible plants

  • The division of medicinal plant

These two production divisions meet two fundamental ecological requirements: The absence of pesticide use and the maximum reduction of the carbon footprint.

To meet these two requirements, plants intended for direct food consumption are cultivated as close as possible to places of consumption and plants intended for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, which are most often imported from distant lands, are cultivated as closely as possible. laboratories.

Thus, in its export development, Tower Farm does not export products but its technology, by putting its know-how at the service of those around the world who want to meet the same ecological requirements.

Unique growing recipes

We are currently developing growing recipes ("cultivation protocols") for the following plants:

And much more....

Our detailed cultivation protocols illustrate exactly what conditions each plant needs in order to achieve certain characteristics that interest us. These include flavor, texture, color, active ingredient content etc.




Enhance your growing operation with a hyper-intensive Growin setup to grow the premium grade, traceable, uniform and safe produce 



Design a business for the Growin units to offer fresh produce in your area



Implant our vertical farms in your logistic centers and win over your customers by displaying the future of efficient and responsible agriculture.

Premium Herbalists

Explore the wonders of growing what you want to serve in terms of freshness and quality.

Meet the team



Experimentation Manager

Engineer Agriculture & Environment

Raphaël LARHER

Production Manager

Master in Agrosciences, Environnement,



Marketing & Communication

Master in Agricultural Economics & Marketing

Our interns


Tower Farm is growing, innovating and exploring new ideas thanks to our team of  talented interns from the best universities across Europe

Charles SOUFIR


Chairman & CFO

Executive MBA - HEC Paris

President of IBC Holding,

Business Angel for 30 years




International Business Development,

Projects Manager 

& Start-ups Expert



Technical Supervisor

International Ag-Tech/Canna-Tech expert for companies, banks, VCs and startups. Led multiple indoor projects across Europe

Tower Farm Timeline
Our partners

Tech4Food - digital transformation of the agriculture and agri-food sector

On Oct. 17, 2019 Tower Farm was selected to introduce it's innovative solutions in front of the international panel of the Tech4Food* event dedicated to the digital transformation of the agriculture and agri-food sector.

The Île-de-France Mayors Convention

Start-up competition 2019

The 18 th of April this year, during the Île de France Mayors Convention, the prize of Start-Up Competition

Third prize: Tower Farm

Delegation from the Urban Farming Chair (Paris University of Agriculture)

A high ranking delegation from the Urban Farming Chair (https//www. chaire-agricultures-urbaines.org/) supported by the AgroParis Tech Foundation, visited on 24th of October 2019 the Tower Farm plant located in Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche.

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