Pesticides free

Pesticides can contaminate soil, water, turf, and other vegetation. In addition to killing insects or weeds, pesticides can be toxic to a host of other organisms including birds, fish, beneficial insects, and non-target plants. They make harm to surrounding environment and leave negative foot print. Tacking care about saving planet from destructive impact of humanity Tower Farm ensures healthy approach in growing plants with no pesticides.


Saving natural



We are saving 95% of water comparing to traditional or organic agriculture. By using closed circulation system, we managed to decrease the quantity of water needed for one plant.

Close to the consumer


Thanks to its high effciency per m2, the essence of indoor agriculture is to be implemented in the cities or near by the big cities. It makes logistic organization shorter and reduces the Carbon footprint of our food.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint


We can produce plants along the year, reducing also the need to keep those plants in refrigerated warehouses, known to have a very substantial carbon footprint.


Alternative to import


No more need to import some plants that can be cultivated only in one specific area due to climate constraints. In our indoor systems, we are able to create any climate conditions required by the plant. This alternative solution to import may affect National economy and reduce carbon footprint due to international trade.

Working without harsh working conditions


Our indoor cultivation platforms are allowing a new age agriculture, without harsh working conditions, avoiding the relocation abroad and eventually re-boosting the agriculture activity in and around the cities.