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💖 Welcoming a group of ISIPCA students 💄

We are thrilled to share the incredible experience we had at Tower Farm during the recent visit by ISIPCA, the renowned leader in fragrance, cosmetics, and flavour education. 🎓✨

In the heart of our controlled-environment farm for medicinal and cosmetic plants, welcoming a group of 15 alternant students to Tower Farm was a moment of pure joy, particularly as they are bringing their talents from esteemed cosmetic companies🌸💋

During the visit, we were delighted to witness the students' enthusiasm for innovative formulations in cosmetics. The exchange of ideas and collaboration potential is truly inspiring. At Tower Farm, we are always eager to open our doors, share our love for the craft, and contribute to the growth of the next generation in our industry.

A special thank you to Cyrille SANTERRE, PhD, for coordinating this visit and making it a resounding success! Thank you to all the students for bringing their passion to our space. Let's cultivate a future filled with growth, collaboration, and fragrant successes! 🌺🚀 Our doors are always open for ISIPCA.

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