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behind the scenes 

Welcome to our production site! It looks futuristic, but we assure you that it is more than real today!

We combined high technology, brilliant minds, and exotic plants to stand out and earn your attention.

Growin technology is an indoor growing platform supporting the cultivation of the world’s largest selection of crops. It is made of a set of four vertical rotating towers with 1200 growing holes. This exclusive, fully automatic, digital management system controls and optimises the cultivation process of both plants and roots. Growin cultivation unit is a unique combination of data-driven automation.


High space 


Pesticides free

Higher yield in shorter time

Highly automated 

Remote access to control systems

95% of water is recycled 

Full traceability 

Seasonality free

Production 365 day a 

Local alternative to import

Mother-Plant Unit

This unit is a short cut for some plants. The cuttings collected from mother-plants shorten the production cycle and let us be more efficient in terms of time. 

IMG_2805 2.png

Growing Unit

This is the heart of our crop production. Growing unit is made up of four rotative towers. The aeroponic method of growing allows us to accelerate ripening while the structures supply uniformity of growing conditions.  


Nursery Unit

The production starts at nurseries.

The main purpose of this step is to develop the roots of the plants, through which the plants will be able to receive and process nutrients.


Water unit 

To supply all these rooms with water and nutrients, we use these specialized remotely controlled water-units. Each room is equipped with its own water unit, which allows us to supply each plant with its optimal nutrient composition.


Take a virtual tour in the most advanced  urban indoor farm
in France

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